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Over Memorial Day Weekend, Kalea, 6, vomited.  Like most illnesses, we thought it was bug that would soon pass.  The vomiting became daily and started to be accompanied by headaches.  After two visits to the emergency room, pediatrician, and neurologist, she was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor on the evening of June 8th.  On June 11th, she had a successful surgery with the doctors removing 100% of the tumor.  While in the hospital, her bother Noah, 4, started complaining of headaches in the same spot.  We also noticed his gait was slightly off.  While visiting his sister in the hospital on June 21st, we asked her oncologist to take a quick look at him.  He told us it was probably nothing but recommended us to get an mri down in the emergency department.  That night his mri came up positive for a medulloblastoma tumor; the same exact type and location of his sister's.  He had a successful surgery on June 25th with the doctor's also removing 100% of his tumor.  Kalea is currently undergoing radiation then will have approximately 11 months of chemotherapy.  Noah is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will have stem cell recovery as his final step of treatment.  To all of the doctors we have spoken to, they are the first siblings to be diagnosed with a medulloblastoma tumor at the same time.  Follow us on instagram @fight.like.the.averys






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