My name is Isolda Restrepo.  I am 35 years old, and I have been battling cervical cancer for th...


My name is Isolda Restrepo.  I am 35 years old, and I have been battling cervical cancer for the past year:  8 months of alternative therapies, followed by a hysterectomy, (which didn’t remove all of the cancer), hence 5 brutal weeks of chemotherapy plus external and internal vaginal radiation, which went on for an additional 3 painful weeks. That treatment ended May 18th, and this Friday I begin three more months of chemotherapy treatments…this time a much stronger dosage with two different types of chemo designed to hopefully deliver the final knockout punch to the disease.

I am very grateful for the wonderful medical staff who have been attending to me, and for the healing power of the treatments which I will continue to receive.  At the same time, I was extremely nauseous, lost a lot of weight, endured massive pain and fatigue, and was wiped out in general from treatment. This next round of chemo will add an additional chemotherapy medicine, so I can only imagine what debilitating effects I will experience this time around.

In addition to the physical, mental and emotional suffering- and the devastation of knowing that I am now in menopause at my young age and will never give birth to my own children – I have been physically unable to work for almost a full year, and my life savings have been totally exhausted.  I have no other sources of income, hospital bills, and I have no idea how soon after this next 3 month round of chemo I will be physically able to start earning a living again.

It is extremely embarrassing to be forced to ask strangers to provide financial support to a stranger in need, but I honestly don’t know what else to do.  My family and friends, who have been so generous for so long, are not able to continue doing this for me.

So it is with great humility that I ask anyone who feels called to help me out financially, no matter the amount, to donate here, on #LoveBeatsCancer.

If your financial support is not possible, I would greatly appreciate your loving thoughts, prayers, and any intentions for love and light on my journey, and to being restored to cancer-free, perfect good health!!! Either way, you have my eternal gratitude and appreciation.  The blessings already are!

Thank you. 🙂


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